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What is Your Furniture Saying about You?

Posted by Mallery Causey on 8/7/2017 to How To Guides, Advise & Tips

          Updating furniture is one of the simplest ways to change the look of a room. Trends are forever changing and to keep up with appearances we have to change our styles as well. Take a moment and think about when you first enter an office or home. What is the first thing you do? Look around at the furniture and decor, right? That is precisely what others are doing when they walk into your home or business. Furniture, like the seating pictured above, becomes outdated and boring, after a time. No one wants to be thought of as boring! 

       There are several reasons for updating your furniture.


1) You can only make one first impression.


          Image really is everything. This is not only true about your business, but for your residence as well.  An impression is made within the first seven seconds of meeting someone or seeing a location. The furniture we choose conveys the type of business and company we keep as well as the future clients or friends we hope to attain.


2) Make the most of the room you have.


          Your business or family may be growing rapidly, but you aren’t ready to make the move to a larger place yet. Investing in new, more efficient furniture is an effortless option to help in maximizing your space. Deciding on two smaller sofas instead of a sectional could free up an area for adding tables, extra chairs, or a play area for children.


3) Reduce the stress of your environment.


          The main factor for deciding if you need an upgrade can be based off of a simple observation. If your furniture is breaking, old, out of style, or just unattractive, it’s probably safe to say you would feel less stressed walking into a room that doesn’t make you want to leave it immediately. Change is usually a good thing and changing just a few choices in furniture can greatly boost your morale and productivity.

              Selecting a few new staple items can go a long way in improving the atmosphere. A white leather sofa is a timeless piece of furniture that can coordinate with any color scheme. Dark colors are easier to avoid stains, just be sure to include some accent colors or it could look cold and dismal. Refurbishing your office or living room is an excellent way to display your style and character as well as giving you a fresh new look to show off.

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