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Wedding and Event Trends to Know Now For 2018

Posted by Mallery Causey on 9/11/2017 to How To Guides, Advise & Tips

         Putting a modern twist on older items or repurposing them as decorations is part of the Urban Vintage style. Although doing this has been around for a bit, it is here to stay and will be making a big show in 2018. Decorating in lace, pale blues, pinks, and flowers gives this style a romantic flair that adds to its elegance. 

         High ceilings in venues are making tall arrangements and centerpieces the favorite choice for the upcoming year. Trumpet vases are a great way to display your flowers and still give your guests easy access to conversations across the table. Using hanging arrangements is another option to make use of high ceilings while showing off your unique style. 

         Wedding favors are used as a thank you and a token to remember the day by. While favors are becoming more and more extravagant with the help of Pinterest, some simple ideas can make a better gift that your guests will actually want to keep. Some favorites that I have seen are packets of coffee, small plants or seeds you can grow at home, personalized coasters, and lip balm. Giving a gift that your guests will use rather than something that will clutter up a junk drawer or cabinet is more practical. Sure bubbles are cute and dinner mints are timeless, but if you want a gift that is both personal and sensible, think about one that is reusable or will last. 

         A top trend for 2018 seating and décor is see-through. Clear acrylic chairs, also known as ghost chairs, are easy to match with any décor and they add such a stylish touch it’s “clear” to see why they’re making a big impression. Glass dinnerware, crystal vases, and translucent embellishments for centerpieces are going to be popular pieces. 

         All that glitters isn’t just gold. If glitz is more your game, these trends are for you. Metallic hues and glitter are taking the spotlight not just as an accent, but as the featured color. Rose gold and copper have been gaining in popularity over the years and now are a favorite of many brides. You may see these colors used in décor, dresses, and even added to cakes with airbrush, edible glitter, and tinted icing.

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