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The What, Why, and How of Purchasing Event Flooring

Posted by Mallery Causey on 8/14/2017 to How To Guides, Advise & Tips

          Buying event flooring can seem like an overwhelming task. What style of flooring should you choose? Why should you buy instead of rent? How will you know what size you will need for each event? These questions go through everyone’s mind when considering an event flooring purchase. You’re not alone and we can help!


1) Selecting a Style


          Floor styles can be intimidating when choosing between different wood stains or colors of slate, marble, and carpet. Depending on your company you may only need one type or a little of everything. Two wood finishes that are the most popular are dark maple and smoked oak. Dark maple is a more traditional color while smoked oak has a modern look. Both styles are beautiful with a natural flow unlike the usual parquet style tiles for wood dance floors. Slate is an elegant choice if your client is looking for something more elaborate than wood. Marble tiles create a stunning floor if the event is for an upscale party with a more prestigious look. Our carpet is a good option for show rooms or conventions, and is designed for indoor and outdoor use. 

2) The Stability of Owning


Renting, although it makes it easier if you don’t have suitable storage space, can be a hassle when a client wants a particular flooring style that you have to order and discover it’s not in stock. Flooring is a very popular request from clients. Whether it’s for an outdoor wedding, covering an existing floor with a style more suited for their event, or adding a floor beneath a tent, it’s an item that is sought after on a regular basis. Buying gives you the power to have the product on hand whenever you need it. This allows you to show the client right away what options they have on a bigger scale rather than a sample piece they would have to imagine all laid out. Also, paying regularly to rent flooring from an outside company can add up. Think of the savings and profits you could gain from owning and renting it out on your own.


3) Size is Everything


           Sizing can be difficult to determine without information regarding the number of guests, size of the venue, and how many people might be dancing. A good thing to remember is roughly 30% of the guests will be dancing at any time during the night. With that information it’s easy to follow along with the charts we’ve provided to establish the amount of flooring needed. The first chart is some basic information coordinating to the size of the party, the number of dancers, and the size of flooring needed. The second has more detail on exactly how much room you will need based on the number of dancers.

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