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Tackle Your Event Tables

Posted by Mallery Causey on 10/6/2017 to How To Guides, Advise & Tips

           All inclusive venues generally have their own table choices and save you the trouble of choosing your own. If you are having to pick out your own tables then you may need to consider which size and shape will go best with your event style and layout of the venue. Each table shape has its pros and cons, but this guide should help you make a better decision on which will work best for you. 


Square tables are the most contemporary shape of tables. They are great for their ability to be pushed against a wall in limited space. These tables make it easy for guests to talk to everyone at the table as long as the centerpiece is tall enough for everyone to see each other or short enough that it can be talked over. The only down side to square tables is guests sitting by the corners have to deal with table legs and bumping knees with their neighbor


          Another table that is great for limited space is the rectangle table. Like the square, it can also be pushed flush against a wall to make more room for a seating area or dance floor. This longer table has more room for guests, but with the length comes a need for additional centerpieces and decorations to make the table look more complete. The additional seating would help in lowering table amounts and keep your rental cost down compared to a higher amount you would need with smaller tables.


          Serpentine tables, like the rectangle, have more length and are able to seat more guests comfortably. This style is unique and is not seen as often as the other types. Finding tablecloths to fit a serpentine table in colors other than black or white is a little more difficult. You can usually order them from online supply companies if you place an order in enough time and if they have your color available. Using this shape of table is a fun way to add character to your event and they can be arranged in unique ways that you can’t achieve with standard tables.


          If you’re looking for something more traditional, round tables offer an elegant look that is always a crowd pleaser. Like the square, everyone is able to see each other so conversation isn’t limited to only who is sitting next to you. If you like the look of round, but want to jazz it up a little, half rounds are another option. Half rounds are able to be used against a wall so they make a great choice for food tables if you don’t want to waste space or as a sweetheart table for the bride and groom.

          In the end, it’s your event and you should choose what you think works best for you. Some events have had a mix of two or more table types and a handful have even used picnic tables for a cute, rustic outdoor event. Your table selection is all about you. Choosing a size depends on the amount of guests you need to provide table space for. If you have 100 guests it would seem logical to choose a table that seats ten rather than a table that seats only six to save you from having to rent additional tables and purchasing extra decorations. If you want more intimate tables where closer friends and family can sit together and not so familiar guests won’t have to sit with a larger group they don’t know, a smaller table would be ideal.

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