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Something for Every Season

Posted by Mallery Causey on 8/30/2017 to How To Guides, Advise & Tips
           When planning a wedding, an important thing you’ll need to consider is which season the event is going to take place in. Seasons can affect many things such as colors, flower availability, venues, and equipment needs. There are some wedding trends that are better suited for each season, but each time of year does have its own charm and some themes will work best with each.

           Spring is one of the more popular seasons to have a wedding. The weather is just starting to warm up and it’s the perfect time for new beginnings. Colors that are seen the most during this season are pastels. You can amp up your look with a mix of bright shades such as soft pinks paired with a bold pop of aqua or a blend of mint and watermelon. Flowers are in bloom and make a great addition to decorations. A quick guide to which flowers are available for each season can be found here.

           American author, Charles Bowden, once said, “Summertime is always the best of what might be.” Summer weddings are fun and bold just like the colors used for the season. Hues of bright yellow, pink, and blue along with orange, green, and purple will make any event a hit. Flower favorites for this time of the year are sunflowers, hydrangeas, daisies, orchids, and lilies. With the season change also comes higher temperatures. Providing shade for guests is a must if your event is outside so consider renting a tent or canopy to cover seating and ceremony areas.

Fall seems to be the favorite among brides and who can blame them? With the leaves turning and a cooler climate with endless decorations provided by Mother Nature, it’s the perfect season for beautiful, low effort weddings. Colors for this season are generally deeper tones like burgundy, mauve, greys, and muted blues. If you prefer traditional fall colors like orange, yellow, and red, you can add rustic embellishments and really bring the season to life. Outdoor lighting can be used not only to light up an area, but to also show off your unique style with beautiful displays.


There’s nothing that compares to a winter wonderland wedding. If you’ve chosen to celebrate your big day during the winter season, there are a few things to consider. Using candles in your centerpieces and other decorations can help achieve a cozy atmosphere. For winter weddings generally white is used as the main color with an accent such as bright red or ice blue. If a white wedding isn’t your thing consider other color combinations like cranberry and champagne, emerald and gold, or grey and pearl.  Most weddings are held indoors during this time of the year, but if you would like to brave the cold, be sure to provide some warmth for guests. Blankets, heaters, personalized hand warmers, and fire pits are all great ideas to help your friends and family fight off the chill.

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